Destin, FL. – Nalani and Rachel had a great time serving up beer, wine and the famous YellowHammer specialty cocktail for a fun group of 140 who attended the wedding and reception of Jessica and Ryan Helsley last weekend.  The ceremony and reception were held at the Greens at Gulf Place just off 30A and the wedding and reception went off without a hitch – well other than Jessica and Ryan getting hitched of course.

Destin, FL. Wedding Reception Bartenders

The bar was outside and served basic beer and wine selections and one specialty cocktail, the yellowhammer which was made famous by Gillette’s in Tuscaloosa, AL and is the unofficial / official drink for the Alabama Crimson Tide faithful.  A light mix of vodka, rum, amaretto and topped with orange juice and pineapple juice, the yellowhammers were a hit with all who attended.

A couple of things to always keep in mind when planning your wedding reception bar service is to make sure that if your bar is going to be outside, a canopy or covering of some sort can be a welcomed relief from the Gulf Coast sun and after the sun goes down, make sure that there is ample lighting available for your bar area.  Trash and ice continue to be a couple of the biggest challenges when we show up to events so keep in mind that all of those plastic cups, beer cans and paper plates and napkins have to end up somewhere so proper trash cans and plenty of extra bags should always be part of your wedding reception bar plan.

In the infamous words of Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice Baby”.  That’s TWO times the ice, which is what you’ll most likely need for your wedding reception or party, especially if it’s outside.  We like to estimate about 3 lbs. of ice per person under normal circumstances, but if it’s hot or there is a lot of beer and white wine to be iced down, you many need up to 4 lbs. per person.  When you add in a lot of liquor drinks, you’ll need ice for every cup and running out of ice is never any fun at a special event.

The beer and wine format with a single specialty drink is a great way to add some personality to your event and still keep the bar service at a reasonable budget.  We are always happy to work with you to create a unique specialty drink and bar service experience that your guests will remember for years to come.