If you intend to hire a exclusive bartender in Pensacola, FL. for your celebration or other specific function, you won’t have to search any further than Gulf Coast Bartenders. All of our personal bartenders are friendly and professional and will provide a touch of class to your celebration or special day. You will at all times get an experienced professional bartender who recognizes how to have a great time with your attendees and provide them well-made and delightful beverages every time. You will under no circumstances have the terrible scenario of hiring a bartender who is using your wedding day as schooling for a real job. We are working bartenders and only choose the prime bartenders in and around the Pensacola, FL. region to work with us. We understand you want enjoyable, professional and good looking bartenders for your celebration and that’s what Gulf Coast Bartenders specializes in.

Hire a Bartender in Pensacola, FL.
All of our bartenders have undergone comprehensive alcohol awareness and safety classes so not only are they concerned with providing a fun experience, but also with skilled bar service and the safety of everyone who attends your celebration or event. The majority of our bartenders are also TIPS certified which establishes them among the top 10% of all professional bartenders. Gulf Coast Bartenders can also provide skilled wait staff or party servers for your wedding to help restock buffet food, clear tables and/ or provide formal meal service and clean up.
If you are putting together a party or wedding reception in or around the Pensacola, FL. area, Gulf Coast Bartenders can help you with all of your party requirements from A to Z. We also provide a complete party planning guide on our website at http://gulfcoastbartenders.com/ that will provide you a solid idea of how much beer, wine, liquor and other drinks and mixes you will require for your party. We can also help you secure your drinks from a local liquor store in Pensacola, FL. and then bring your beverages and set it up for your event. Also, we have coolers for rent and can bring ice, cups, napkins, stirrers, garnishes or just about anything else bar related for your event that may be required. Gulf Coast Bartenders absolutely is your one stop shop for all of your private party bartenders and beverage requirements.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time by phone or email and we will be happy to speak to you in better detail about your wedding party or other special event and provide you a quote that meets both your service and budget requirements. Don’t forget, if you require a private party bartender in or around Pensacola, FL. Gulf Coast Bartenders is your most effective option.