Party Planning

YEEAAAHHHH !!! You’re Having a Party !!

We all love parties. The fun, the friends, the food, the music, the drinks and so much more. Now how do you make all of that come together to ensure that all of your guests have a great time and you don’t have to run around in a panic worried about every little detail? We know you probably have questions about your beverage service and we are here to help with your party and event planning in any way we can to make your life easier so that you can have a great time and enjoy the party with all of your family and friends.

What Kind of Drinks Do I Need To Serve?

How Much Liquor Will I Need?

How Much Wine Will I Need?

How Much Beer Will I Need?

How Many Soft Drinks, Water and Mixers Will I Need?

Aunt Betty Drinks Old Fashioned’s – What the Heck is an Old Fashioned??

What About Ice, Cups, Limes or Those Cute Little Umbrellas?

I Don’t Drink Wine, What Kind of Wine Do People Like?

We have put together a complete beverage information and event planning guide that you can download by clicking the button on this page. It should answer most or all of your questions about party planning for the beverage needs of your special occasion and if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us anytime by email or phone and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can. Beverage service is a very important part of your party and we are here to take that stress out of your hands.

Go ahead, just click the download button, take a deep breath and relax. Gulf Coast Bartenders is here to help.