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Scott has worked as a bartender in all types of venues from Pebble Beach Resort to Los Angeles night clubs, local bars and professional sports stadiums. Scott is a former Sergeant in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command who speaks fluent Arabic and is currently an Internet entrepreneur when he’s not taking care of guests and cracking jokes tending bar.

Scott Ford Bartender

TIPS Certified
Serv Safe Manager Certified

Nalani is an experienced bartender and former bar owner who has worked in varied venues from fine dining restaurants to local sports bars and brand name beach resorts. Nalani also has exceptional planning and decorating talents and was formerly the Special Events Coordinator for Range Rover North America. Nalani’s smile will brighten any room and she may just bust one of her signature moves behind the bar if the music is right.

Nalani Ford Bartender

TIPS CertifiedServ Safe Manager Certified

KJ has been working as a bartender and serving lucky guests for the past 4 years for large family restaurants, Big Brand liquor distributors and professional sports stadiums. She is currently a nursing student at the University of West Florida when she’s not working one of her two industry jobs and will school you in a game of charades.

Kaitlin Johnson – KJ Bartender

TIPS Certified

Bridget is a Pensacola native and has worked as a bartender and server for over six years. Her experience ranges from restaurants to private parties, corporate events and professional sports stadiums. In addition to her sparkling personality and bartending skills, she’s also a full time nursing student at the University of West Florida and should be helping patients as a registered nurse next year.

Bridget Verardi Bartender


Yes, we know he looks like he’s only 16, but he’s a heck of a bartender. We hand plucked Logan from being a super bar back at busy bars on Pensacola Beach and now he’s mixing drinks and cutting up with the best of them. He’s been a big hit with the local Mardi Gras Krewe’s and when he’s not shakin’ up a shot, you can probably find him somewhere on the beach either fishing, surfing or just hanging out.

Logan Weidenbeck Bartender

TEAM Certified

Good Vodka isn’t the only thing imported from Iceland. Jona (pronounced Yonah) proves that great bartenders also come from the land of fire and ice. Jona has worked for large hospitality companies as well as a ton of government and special events. She’s also quick with a snappy comeback while she becomes
everyone’s best friend behind the bar. When she’s not mixing up an awesome martini, you’ll find her outdoors doing something adventurous and maybe even a little crazy.

Jona Barry Bartender

TIPS Certified

Geoff is an experienced bartender and server with more than 10 years in the hospitality industry. He’s worked everywhere from fast paced bars to fine dining restaurants, and has a very extensive knowledge of wine, cordials, spirits and cocktails. When Geoff’s not working he loves to watch sports and work on his 1968 Mustang.

Geoff Mihaly Bartender

TEAM Certified
Serv Safe Manager in Food and Alcohol
Ordained Minister / Officiant